Olympic Inspiration Goes Far Beyond Sport

February 13, 2014 by Danny

It’s hard not to be a proud Canadian these days. I consider myself to be a fairly patriotic person all year round, not only when the Olympics are happening – but for a few weeks every 2 years my patriotic heart swells substantially.

I am a sports fan, always have been, always will be. I love team sports, I love individual sports, I love competition, sportsmanship, camaraderie and winning. I even love losing. Well…I love the lessons that losing teaches me.  I love the Olympics!


Some people might (and do) call me obsessed, and they are not wrong. I cannot get enough of the Olympics. I upgraded my cable subscription to ensure the most possible Olympic air time. I rearranged my schedule so not to miss watching my favorite events. I forgo social activities, skip meals and do without sleep; but I don’t feel tired. I feel energized and elated. I feel like the whole community, the whole province, and country are sharing a common sense of pride. It’s the buzz around town, in the coffee shops, in the checkout lines, at the pub; “did you see Bilodeau’s run this morning?!” … “did you hear we are tied for first?!”

We are not even half way through this Olympic winter games and there are already so many stories that have solidified my sentiment.  On Monday defeated Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth lent a helping ski from his own team to a fallen Russian athlete struggling to finish the race with a broken ski. His act of sportsmanship allowed the Russian to cross the finish line with pride in front of the cheering hometown crowd. A selfless act that completely symbolizes the Olympic spirit! And this morning, Denny Morrison won a Silver medal in the Men’s 1000m speed skating event, an accomplishment that we as Canadians are so proud of him for. But behind that Silver medal is Morrison’s teammate Gilmore Junio who gallantly gave up his position on the start line to his teammate, knowing that he would have a better chance at winning a medal for Canada! Gilmore Junio is patriotism personified.

I am not blind to the fact that there are bigger issues in the world than sports.  I know that the Olympics are used as a platform for all kinds of political issues, and I am certainly aware that billions of dollars are spent in ways that are not going to bring world peace or end climate change. But I also know that the Olympics inspire me to be a better person. Not a better athlete, a better person.  This week I have been re-inspired to ski for the joy it brings me, to hold open doors, to live in the moment, to say thank you. I believe the Olympics bring out the best in Canadians, they teach us teamwork and perseverance, selflessness and support;  and most of all they give us yet another reminder of how truly lucky we are to live in such a wonderfully diverse country with every opportunity imaginable.

Our business was built out of a love for sports, adventure, chasing dreams and being proud of our home… So from Team Irie Adventure Tours; GO CANADA GO!

There are 221 Canadian athletes competing in Sochi, and 28 of them are from British Columbia!! Follow all the action here: Olympics.CBC.ca

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